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Chakra Clearing with Essential Oils

yoga_chakrasChakra Clearing

Clear Your Chakras With Essential Oils

Saturday, November 15

1 – 3 pm

Third Street Center, Board Room
520 S. Third St., Carbondale

$25 advance purchase

$35 at the door

Call Claire O’leary NOW to register or with questions 303.525.6893

or e-mail

Clearing and balancing your chakras can help you live a more balanced life. When your chakras are balanced you live life in the flow, feel more energetic and generally balanced. Learn how to clear & balance your chakras using meditation and essential oils at the Third Street Center, Carbondale, CO

The chakra energy system is constantly responding to our everyday experiences. Generally, the chakras are described as being either open or closed and an open chakra allows life-force energy to pass freely, while a closed chakra creates an energy blockage that can result in a variety of problems and issues. A free flow of life-force energy is vital to our health and well-being.

Subtle energy centers that act as doorways through which emotional, mental, and spiritual forces flow in and out of our bodies, the chakras are openings through which our attitudes, beliefs, and emotions are processed and stored.

This interactive class will connect to your Higher Self through guided meditation. You will feel which Chakras are currently blocked or sluggish and clear them using essential oils.

Serenity, Balance, Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Digest Zen, Frankincense, On Guard, Terra Shield, Purify, Breathe, Whisper are frequently used to cleanse and balance the chakra system.

Can you guess which of those essential oil blends you might use for which Chakra?

Take this fun quick quiz and find out your knowledge. Get 5 out of 7 correct (before the class) and get a free essential oil to balance the chakra of your choice. (Must be present at workshop to win.)

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